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Packaging Materials Brighton

Buying your Packing Boxes and Packaging materials

If you have decided that you wish to take care of your own packing and not He-Van’s professional packing service, He-Van is happy to recommend a trusted supplier to service your packaging requirements.

The more organised your packing, the quicker and more cost effective your move will be.

Packing really efficiently will save you time and money on your move. He-Van charge on an hourly basis, so the more organised the move, the more time and money you will save.

You may really dislike the idea of packing yourself, so why not leave it to our skilled professionals. He-Van offer a complete packing service at just £25 per hour per man plus materials, we will loan you the boxes and charge you for the consumables. See our packing services page for more information.

If you decide that packing really is something you wish to complete yourself, then you can order your packing materials through the Packaging Materials Shop Page. If you order before 11am, you will receive your order next day. They deal in high quality, affordable cardboard moving boxes that are made from double wall cardboard.